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Art Basil 2021 Award Ceremony

December 3rd, 2021

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The Locker Room collective returned to Miami for Art Week, producing a satirical Official Art “Basil” Miami 2021 Award Ceremony Gala on Saturday December 4th, co-hosted by interdisciplinary artist and fashion designer Amanda Mehl.


The awards were given to artist Rachel Van Der Nacht for “Most Outstanding Artist”, Gagosian Gallery owner Larry Gagosian for “Excellence in Philanthropy”, and creative consultant and NFT (non-fungible token) evangelist Shannon O’Donnell for “Least Fungible,” as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award given to artist Steelo Black. The members of the collective wore clothing from Amanda Mehl’s fashion line Amehl. While the ceremony took place–which including speeches, the national anthem, an invocation, and interviews–a plane flew overhead with a tow banner reading “Congrats! You won! Now what?”

The Locker Room wrote a Medium article detailing their adventure.

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