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\\ ˈlä-kər-ˌrüm \\
A semi-public place for changing

The Locker Room is a femme-owned creative house that comprises an art collective, recording studio, gallery and production house based in Brooklyn, New York.  Tomorrow it may take another form. Like any good locker room, the house is a safe place to strip down and change. We honor and celebrate multi-persona individuals–the moonlighters, the alter egos, the ever-evolving narrators. Why have just one spirit animal when you can be the entire damn jungle?

The people behind the scenes are its' muses, a crew of artists and hustlers following their own genius, creating and recreating, brought together by a common lifestyle and values. The Locker Room is as varied and in flux as its team; it can transform from an art exhibit into a psych-rock jam session, from a five-course sit down dinner to a video shoot, from a personal residence to an all night party. In this locker room, we don't talk about grabbing women by the pussies but we do fix their wigs, slap their asses, and cheer for their successes. Anyone who is unapologetically themselves and leaves it all on the field is welcome.

We believe that when you truly love the cast of characters in your story, you have the power to rewrite the narrative and create your own game.



"The Locker Room Manifesto"

                                  Written December 2020

                                    by founder Samara Bliss



ArtNet, Anna Delvey x Locker Room Collaboration

The Knockturnal, “Anna Delvey Hosts Intimate Art Showcase During Miami Art Basel”

Create!, “Interview with Marguerite Wibaux”

ArtNet, “See Inside Spring/Break, the Indie Fair That Took Over Ralph Lauren’s Offices With Edgy, Outrageous, and Surprisingly Affordable Art”

Cultbytes, “5 Booths to Watch at SPRING/BREAK Art Show’s 2022 New York Edition”

The Villager, “The Locker Room Gallery’s ‘New York Women in Art’ installation opens to the public in Lower Manhattan”

NY1 TV, feature “What is a ‘New York Woman?’ Little Italy Exhibit Takes a Look"

NBC "1st Look" Interview  with host Johnny Bananas

TimeOut Magazine lists LR as the "Best Gallery" in their "Best of the City Awards 2021"

Artribune feature "The Underground Rebirth of New York"

Brooklyn Magazine  feature "You Think New York Is Dead? These Artists Are Betting Everything It Isn't"

Newsweek Español   feature "The Locker Room propone un confinamiento voluntario y comunal para generar arte"

TimeOut Magazine   lists founder Samara Bliss as one of the nine "Women of the Year" in 2021

Contact Us

Contact Us


373 S 1st St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States


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Samara Bliss.jpg

Samara Bliss


Samara Bliss.jpg

Winnie Cheung

Head of Content

Samara Bliss.jpg

Camille Sebastian

Head of Sales

Samara Bliss.jpg

Bunny Elefante

Head of Ops

Samara Bliss.jpg

Daniel McDonald


Samara Bliss.jpg

Savannah Shealy

Head of Hospitality

Samara Bliss.jpg

Cody Yozipovic

Head of Events

Samara Bliss.jpg

Catherine Candor

Chief of Staff

Samara Bliss.jpg

Kiana McCourt

Chief of Ceremonies

Samara Bliss.jpg

Jesse Serrano

Band booker

Samara Bliss.jpg

Jenny Hussey

Band Booker

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